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Clients & Projects

Hospital & Physician-Hospital Organizations

HealthCare Analytic's Past & Current Projects for Hospital & Physician-Hospital Organizations include:

    • Evaluation and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Reimbursement Arrangements
    • Strategic Planning and Operational Assessment of Network Capabilities, Capacity, and Financial Exposure of Existing and Under-Review Contracts / Arrangements
    • Auditing of Contract Specification Performance and Reimbursement Rates
    • Assessment of Financial Arrangements, e.g., Percentage of Premium, Global Capitation, Fixed Fee, Risk Sharing, Hospital Per Diem, and Physician Fee Schedules
    • Development Break-Even Evaluations and Pro-Forma Analyses of Financial, Risk and Reimbursement Arrangements
    • Development of Actuarially Sound Strategies for Negotiating Financial Arrangements
    • Monitoring and Reporting of Network Performance, Provider Profiling and Care Management Reporting
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